Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A busy few days!

Lots of doings for our family over the weekend! On Saturday my aunt Gae and her daughters Tiffany and Becky threw me a most wonderful baby shower -- such a mountain of pink and frilly things I have never seen! I felt so special that so many of my friends and family were able to come and did so much to celebrate baby Eliza's coming.

I had been having contractions all day, so we decided that it was time for us ladies to go bowling and see if we could get them to turn into something productive! I was pretty proud of myself -- I bowled a 147 and a 166. Not bad for an almost 9 months pregnant lady! We had a grand old time, and afterwards we went to Wingers and then to see the musical version of Pride and Prejudice. My review? P&P was just never meant to be turned into a musical. Mr. Darcy should NOT burst into song -- surely it's beneath his dignity. All during dinner and for the first part of the show I was having regular contractions every 5 minutes, getting stronger all the time, and I was thinking 'GREAT! I'm not even going to make it to intermission!' But then they stopped cold -- boo! But the day was really fun anyway!

The biggest news on Sunday was that Eric and Leanne FINALLY welcomed their baby into the world, and IT'S A GIRL! Poor Leanne was in labor for way over 24 hours and ended up having to have a C-section, but she and baby Amelia are doing just great. YAY! Sunday we also had a fun birthday dinner for Toby -- I love this picture of Chan helping her blow out her candles. Happy birthday, Toby!

And Monday, in an effort to get the ball rolling again, my mom and the boys and I headed off to the bowling alley once more. (Hey, it helped put me into labor with Sammy!) I thought it would be so cool if I had the baby on Monday -- then Eliza and Amelia could be twousins! (That's twin-cousins, as in with the same birthday. Sometimes I'm so clever I amaze myself.) The boys were SO excited that they actually got to bowl in real life (as opposed to the Wii), and we all had a blast. I did NOT bowl as well as Saturday and also didn't get any contractions going, but it was just as fun. :) Afterwards my mommy treated me to a pedicure, so now (according to Sammy) my toes are as pretty as pretty can be. (Make sure you check out the videos -- they're too funny!)

Today (well, I guess it's yesterday now) I decided to give up all my extracurricular activities and just be patient, since my body has obviously decided it doesn't want to have this baby at the moment after all. So here it is, almost 3 in the morning on Wednesday, and I'm updating my blogs because I can't sleep because of (doo-doo-DOO!) contractions. They're not very strong or regular yet, but who knows? Maybe they'll lead to something. They're at least enough to keep me awake...

Wednesday morning update: Still here -- back to your lives, citizens... :)

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