Thursday, August 21, 2008

Capturing the Olympic Spirit!

Sammy and I have really enjoyed watching the Olympics together, and today he had a great time setting up an Olympic obstacle course in the backyard. One of his big dreams is to be a track star, and we call him Mr. Superfast. I don't know if "dream" is the proper term, since in his mind he's already there, but this boy loves to run! I thought his obstacle course was very creative, and I thought it was very fun that it started out as a 1-lap race and grew to about 10 laps because he just didn't want to quit!

From Sammy:
My olipics are fun and I wan it twise!
I made a jump slide, a jump over, a balince-beem, I had to kic a ball, I had to run alot, and it's well olipicstastick!
love y'all.
love sammy!

When he finally was ready to stop, he was totally gratified when I informed him he'd won the gold medal! (We bought a bag of these as a party favor when he turned three and they've really come in handy a lot!) We had our own little medal ceremony and he's been wearing it proudly ever since.

Thursday's baby update -- Still not going much of anywhere! I did get upgraded to an "Eh, 2 or 3 cm..." instead of just 2 at my appointment, so that was a bright spot! Ah, well -- can't be more than 5 more days, at any rate!

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