Friday, August 15, 2008

$2 Tuesday at the Dinosaur Museum!

So Thanksgiving Point has an awesome dinosaur museum, but it's usually pretty expensive to go. This month, however, they have $2 admission every Tuesday! Toby Blake (my SIL Ann's sister) and I thought it would be a great idea to take the kids for a fun outing. So, apparently, did every other family in Utah Valley! It was crazy -- we waited in line for 40 minutes just to get in, and there was hardly room to move inside. But it was worth it because the boys had a wonderful time. Chandler (Toby's oldest) and Sammy are such great friends; it's truly a joy to watch them together. Joshy and Thomas are starting to be a little more interested in each other, too, but I think at this point each boy still hero-worships the other's older brother more! Joshy always wants to know if Chan will be wherever we're going, and I've seen Thomas follow Sammy around going "Sammy, guess what! Sammy, guess what!" And both my boys just love Anna. I think she's helped them get ready for having a little sister! I really enjoyed getting out of the house and getting to hang out with Toby for the morning. I'm so glad we have Toby and her family in our family!

Anyhoo, back to the dino museum. The boys were in awe of all the giant skeletons, and they really got into all the hands-on exhibits. Joshy was a little freaked out by the dark spaces (like a room that was supposed to make you feel like you were walking in space), but he really loved the erosion table and digging in the sand. Sammy was most excited about the giant shark and was really disappointed that he wasn't allowed to climb in its mouth!

Here's Sammy's report on our fun day at the museum:
It was a fun day at the dino museum. I went with chan {Tobys oldest} to the museum. my favret part was digging. I am with buster {My oldest} writing my blog!
I ate greldcheese for din-din get it din-din?
I am verry verry happy!
I love yu'all.
bet you all will be verry verry happy of this.
Love sammy.

Back to me:
Today's baby update: I had another doctor's appointment this morning and was disappointed to find out that I hadn't changed at all since last week. I was hoping I'd have something to show for the week of painful contractions (like, a baby)! But alas and alack, I suppose I'll have to continue to be patient. I guess my body took me seriously when I said I didn't want to have the baby before the shower tomorrow! I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow, so I really could have a ways to go yet. I just didn't have this much contraction-type activity going on so long in advance with either of the boys, so it seems like things should be happening!

I'm also okay with not going yet because Eric and Leanne STILL haven't had their baby! They were due last Sunday, but nothing is happening yet. I've never been overdue, so I can't even imagine how crazy that would make me. Sending you labor-y thoughts, Leanne!


Caroldean said...

It was so crowded because it was the last Tuesday before school starts!

toby said...

Awww jeez Tomi, you almost made me cry with that first paragraph. It was so fun to hang out. We should do it more often! I don't think our kids would have any complaints!! Can't wait to meet little Eliza. Love ya Tomi.

Rick & Liz said...

EEEEK!! YOU ARE SERIOUSLY SO CLOSE!!! I love the pics of the dino museum and I especially loved Sammy's update and how he included Buster (his oldest) in his update. Gosh what a cutie pie! I wish I could have been there for your shower today. I hope you had fun and that you got lots of cutie girly stuff!!! :) Love you!

P Freeman said...

Dear Sammy!

Thanks so much for your report. It sounds like you had a lot of fun at the dino museum with all your buddies. Keep up the good work taking care of mom and Joshy.


auntie p.

toby said...

Tomi Ann, thank you SO very much for the beautiful birthday card. Holy cow, you are one talented woman!!! You are such a thoughtful person Tomi and I'm so thankful to have your friendship. Thanks so much again. Love you!