Monday, June 14, 2010

School's out!

The biggest news in the Hill household is that school is OUT FOR SUMMER!  Sam and Josh have had all sorts of plans brewing for what they were going to do during summer vacation (thank you, Phineus and Ferb...), so they were counting down the days to the end of school.

Josh finished up first and got to have a super fun luau with his little preschool class.  He really loved his teacher, Miss Emily, and we were amazed at how much he learned this year!  He is a great counter and is even doing some simple addition and such, and he now knows the sounds of nearly all the letters and is starting to sound things out.  He learned lots of fun songs (his favorite is "A Tisket, a Tasket, a Green and Yellow Basket") and got to do lots of art projects.  I know he had lots of stubborn days -- this is Josh we're talking about, after all -- but he really loved it and we're so thankful to Emily for making it so fun for him!

The next day was Sam's kindergarten graduation -- I can't believe he's no longer a kindergartner!  Nana joined us at the school for their cute little graduation program.  The kids sang a bunch of songs and everyone got to say what their favorite thing about kindergarten was (Sam's was the Polar Express party).  Then each kid got to walk in from the hallway and get their diploma and a fun little treat from Miss Palmer.  Here's a 2-minute version of the highlights!

Sammy did a great job singing all the songs and we could tell he really enjoyed his kindergarten experience and all his friends there.  He brought home a report card with straight 4's for the whole year, which I understand is the top mark but no one ever really explained it, so who knows?  :)  He also brought home his writing journal, which totally cracks us up.  He has a very creative and slightly devious little mind -- tomorrow I'll scan in some of those journal entries so you can see what I mean!.

The graduate with his self-portrait:

Sammy and his teacher Miss Palmer:

Sammy and his neighborhood buddies:

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