Monday, June 14, 2010

Recently overheard in the Hill family...

Sam: "Do any people live in the jungle?"
Mom: "Sure! There are whole groups of people who live in the jungle their whole lives."
Sam: "Well, I sure hope they don't have any golf courses."
Mom: "Why?"
Sam: "Because monkeys live in the jungle, and you know what they say -- NEVER play golf with a monkey!"


Josh: "I have lots of different kinds of super eyes... telescope eyes, microscope eyes, seeing-around-corners eyes..."
Sam: "My super power is being able to see other people's super powers!"
Mom: "If I was a superhero, what do you think my powers would be?"
Sam: "You'd be Super Scrapbooker! If people couldn't do scrapbooking, you could do it for them!"
Mom (thinking): I'd like to have time just to do it for US, but okay...
Josh: "And you'd have super strength, so you could carry around a whole desk full of that stuff!"


(Quick intro note: Joshy HATES helping around the house, and it's usually like pulling teeth to get him to do anything. Last night I was cleaning up in the kitchen at my mom and dad's after Sunday dinner and he spontaneously came in and started helping me.)
Mom: "Thanks for being such an awesome helper! It makes me feel so happy inside when you're such a good helper! Does it make you feel happy inside?"
Josh: "YES! I feel the Holy Ghost!"

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Breezy said...

That's just too cute!