Thursday, June 18, 2009

More from Washington...

Ah, more good times! Over the past week we've had all sorts of adventures. We went to Manchester State Park beach with the Serads (everything's more fun with Uncle Zack!) last Thursday and we've hit the park here in Strawberry Hill a couple of times. On Saturday we spent the day at Great-Grandpa and Grandma Hill's house, helping with a little yard work and mostly just enjoying each other's company. Sammy was fascinated by Great-Grandpa's stories about his ancestor Erastus Snow. On Monday we were going to go se UP! but we were derailed by Sammy developing a bad infection in his big toe, I think from a hangnail he pulled out. I hadn't thought much of it, even though it looked pretty gross -- just cleaned it well and neosporined and bandaged it -- but I called our pediatrician to see what they recommended and they said we should have him seen right away. Doh! So Sammy and I spent the afternoon at the Urgent Care. He was a trooper, too. The nurses were very impressed with how brave he was as they gave him shots to numb his toe and then went to work on it. He's on a stiff antibiotic now and has had to soak his foot in Epson salt three times a day, but his toe is looking much better. As a result, though, we didn't get to go see UP! that night at all.

We finally did get to go last night, which was good because I thought Josh might have a nervous breakdown if we put it off any longer. It was such a sweet movie; we all really enjoyed it (though Josh was not a fan of the scary parts and even Sammy had to duck his head a few times).

Today we went to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, which was so cool. There was a cool preschooler planetarium show and all sorts of fun things to see and do. Joshy's favorite was the big live insect exhibit. He just ran from one tank to the next, totally enthralled by all the creepy crawlies. They also had a really neat butterfly house with hundreds of huge, colorful butterflies. Sammy told me what his favorite part was but it's totally slipping my mind right now -- I think I'll have to add that in tomorrow (or maybe he'll blog about it himself). Eliza had fun crawling around in the little kid's section, and she especially loved playing peek-a-boo with Grandpa in the little play treehouse. In fact, she pretty much commandeered Grandpa the entire day. She loved riding up on his shoulders, using fistfuls of hair as reins, and late in the day she nuzzled in for a nap.

We've got lots and lots of pictures to see, so if you'd like to see more just click here.

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