Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Greetings from Washington!

Hello from warm and sunny Western Washington! (No, really, it is!) The kids and I are in the middle of a lovely 3 1/2 week visit with the Hill side of the family, and so far the weather's been better here than it is at home. We've been having so much fun hanging out with everyone. Eliza loves being spoiled by everyone, especially Grandpa. You know she's got him wrapped around her little finger when he comes to give her a kiss on the head before he goes to work and she bats her eyes at him and he picks her up and lets her snuggle her applesauce-y face all over his suit. Yup, that's love. The boys are having a great time being the "big" cousins for a change, keeping Cole entertained and running all over the place. They're also enjoying sleeping on a bunk bed, and no one's gotten a concussion yet, so that's promising. They're sleeping there with the strict understanding that this is their trial, and if they acquit themselves well we'll see about getting them one for their room at home.

Yesterday we went to the Point Defiance zoo and had a grand old time. Joshy says his favorite part was the walruses. They were totally my favorite too!

Here's Sammy's report on the day:

My favorite part was the WILD WONDERS OUTDOOR THEATER that had a wild animal show. I loved it! There were (I don't know, I didn't count). 90 seconds for it.

Eliza was not a huge fan of being stuck in the stroller most of the day, but she did love watching the animals and even got her hands on one. She was a little sweetheart, as always! She's also gotten big into clapping over the past few days, and she was really rockin' out during the wild animal show:

Here are pictures of some of our favorite moments:

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