Thursday, February 9, 2012

Josh's 100th Day Masterpiece

For Josh's 100th Day of School Party (a really big deal in kindergarten), he was assigned to wear a shirt with 100 things on it.  We batted a few ideas back and forth, and I suggested that he could make 100 fingerprints with fabric paint, and then add arms and legs to make them into monsters.  He took that idea and made it about  a million times cooler.  First, he insisted on doing the fingerprint painting entirely by himself, including opening the bottles and squeezing out the paint.  I was a little worried that it would turn into one giant painty mess, but he was all over it.  We counted out the colors of paint that we had and figured out how many of each he'd need to make 100, and he meticulously placed each one.  After the paint dried, I turned him loose with a very fine tip sharpie.  Instead of just adding arms and legs, he turned each one into a unique creature with all sorts of personality.  It took him a few different sessions, because it was a very big job, but eventually he decorated about 75 of the 100 fingerprints.  Not bad for doing it with zero grown-up guidance!  The finished product was so unique and imaginative that I had to get close-up photos to share.  You will probably need to click on them and see the large image to get the full effect.

They're just so perfectly Josh!  He worked so hard and was so proud of the result.  He's come a long way from the kid who tore up every art project because he never thought it was as good as Sam's.  Hooray for Josh!

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Natalie said...

That is too sweet! What a creative and determined little kid. Hmmm...sounds like his mom a little bit, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing.