Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stake Art Show projects!

As you may know, I'm on the Stake Cultural Arts Committee for our stake. We do projects twice a year, and it's usually been a performance-based project like a play. For instance, last fall I directed My Turn on Earth. This time around, though, we wanted to try something totally different that would get a whole new group of people involved, so we decided to do an art show. It ended up being a huge success! We had a whole cultural hall full of wonderful things from stake members of every age, and lots and lots of people came to see it. There was such a beautiful spirit, too. I am hoping we can make it a regular thing, because it was just awesome.

I wanted to share the projects that Sam and Josh and I did for the art show (you can click on them to see them bigger):

Here is Sam's colored pencil drawing of Jesus, based on the "Christ in the Red Robe" painting:

This is Joshy's watercolor painting of Jesus. He was not happy with the final product because he didn't think it was as good as Sam's, but I think it's wonderful. Josh really loves to paint.

This is my mixed media canvas:

I am taking an online class called "The SheArt Workshop" where I learned these techniques, and I think I'm hooked. I really loved creating this and adding so many layers of color and meaning. Here's what I wrote on my card:

"I love this quote from our prophet.  The future’s uncertainty can seem scary sometimes, but our faith in Jesus Christ and His love makes it possible for us to move forward with our families  in joy and gratitude and hope!"

One amazing thing that happened -- a man who works as a consultant for an art publishing company came to the art show with his daughter (who lives in our stake) and loved it so much that he wants to show it to a buyer at Deseret Book to possibly sell prints of it! Holy cow. I can't imagine it would actually happen, but it was awfully flattering!

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