Sunday, February 6, 2011

On the drive home, Josh said...

Tonight, on the way home from my parents' house, it was just Josh and Eliza and me in the car, which meant I got to be privy to all the imaginings that usually go on between Josh and Sam.  Here are a few excerpts of our conversation -- just what I could remember once we got home:
Josh: “Hurry, Mom, hurry! There’s a bad guy car following us!”
Me: “Oh no, what should I do?”
Josh: “Go as fast as you can…. Oh, no, he just ignored the red light!!!”

Josh: “Good thing I just switched on the FIVE rockets I put on the back of our car!”
Me: “Oh, good! Now we can go really fast!”
Josh: “Oh, no! The bad guys have EIGHT rockets on their cars!”
Me: “What should we do?!”
Josh: “If our car had wings, then we could fly, but they got hit off yesterday…”
Me: “Darn it.”
Josh: “Yeah, I tried to put them back on yesterday, but it didn’t work. I tried the first time, and it didn’t work. I tried again and it didn’t work. I tried AGAIN with duck tape and it worked a little bit, but then a mean car came up and bumped them off!”

Josh: “Actually, that was just a dream I was having. The dreams where I am the bad guy are pretty much my favorite… Did you know I make a list of my okay dreams and my nightmares? That way I can keep track of my dreams…”

Me: “Why do you think they call it duck tape?”
Josh: “Well, actually… I don’t really know… but maybe if it was made from cows they would call it cow tape. And then they could make some from sheep and call it sheep tape…”

Josh: “Did you know that watching Netflix movies calms me down when I’m mad?”
Me: “Well, it is nice to have something to distract you when you’re mad, huh…”
Josh: “Playing the Wii and watching Netflix is my favorite thing in the world! Even more than playing with Olivia!”
Me: “Oh, that’s not good! People are way more important than watching TV or playing video games.”
Josh: “Actually, Mom, it’s the other way around.”

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