Thursday, September 23, 2010

The 4-year-old DTR

Joshy and our little next door neighbor Olivia have become the best of friends since they started going to preschool together.  Their teacher told me that they have to do EVERYTHING together at school.  Last Saturday there was a knock at the door and when Dan answered it, Olivia was standing there, holding up a rose petal that she solemnly informed him was for Josh, then ran away.  Every day, Josh wants to go see if "O-Lydia" can play.  (He's having a hard time separating her name from Aunt Lydia's, apparently.)  Yesterday we were out playing in the front yard and Olivia came out in a white poofy princess dress and Josh immediately ran up and they started dancing together. 

So today we were walking to preschool together.  As soon as Olivia came out of the house they started holding hands and walking together.  I was walking in front of them and overheard the funniest conversation ever -- the 4-year-old DTR*.  In order to do this justice, you have to imagine Joshy's cute little no-R-pronouncing voice and Olivia's sweet little marshmallow voice...

Joshy:  "I like your hair!"
Olivia:  "Thank you!"
Joshy:  "I hope we can sit by each other at snack time."
Olivia:  "Me too."
Joshy:  "Olivia, you're my best friend."
Olivia:  "Joshy, I like you, but sometimes I like to be friends with other people, like Grace... you know, girlfriends!"
Joshy: "... Let's run!"

Apparently Olivia isn't ready to make an eternal commitment yet, but Josh didn't seem too crushed.  Phew!

*DTR= "Define the Relationship" (an acronym used to describe a "talk" a couple has to ...well, DTR)

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