Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Awesome April

Whew!  I can't believe this month is nearly over -- I really thought our April would be nice and relaxing after the craziness of March, but we ended up with quite a whirlwind of activity this month!  Here are the highlights, arranged in a nice bulleted list because my brain is presently very tired:

  • Easter!  We had our traditional enormous egg hunt extravaganza with lots of Pearce and Tarbet-Neves cousins, which was all sorts of fun.  Eliza, who is really into picking things up and putting them into other things, thought this was a really great activity.  I don't know if she even connected that there was candy involved.  It was conference weekend, so we also got to have a wonderful relaxing time listening to the prophet and apostles and just chilling with the family.  I could seriously get used to weekends like that.  You can see lots of fun Easter weekend pics here.

  • Spring weather... sometimes.  It has been a really cold and snowy month (it has been a blizzard today, in fact), but there have been brief glimpses of the sun, in which we have really enjoyed playing outside, going to the park, making bird feeders, and all that good stuff.  Hopefully the sun will come back soon so we can get back out there.  At the moment I'm refusing to leave the house and just accepting the mounting overdue fees at the library...
  • 2nd Annual "You're My Favorite" Day -- Can you believe it's already/only been two years since Carissa died?  We got together at her grave to bring flowers and sing "You Are My Sunshine."  It was special because it was rainy and nasty all morning, but while we were there it was lovely and sunny.  Sure do miss you, Rissa Ree! 

  • Soccer!  This is Joshy's first year of playing on the city league and he has been SO excited to be on the team.  So far he is doing a great job.  Sometimes he'll get frustrated or exhausted, but for the most part he is doing really well and showing a lot of team spirit.  This is Sammy's third year and he has improved by leaps and bounds.  The last two years have gone about like this:  run, run, fall, cry, get hugged and cheered on and convinced to get back in the game, repeat.  Oh, and some twirling, dancing, and picking dandelions, of course.  This year he is running like crazy, getting some really good kicks in, and even scored a goal in the first game!  He is getting so grown up!

  • Penny and Dallas came to visit!  My Aunt Penny has always been super special to me, even though she up and moved to Texas a million years ago and the last time she made it up for a visit was when my Grandma Tarbet died about 13 years ago.  Thank heavens for email and Facebook -- it really doesn't feel like we're so far apart.  But hooray -- her son Dallas graduated from BYU this past weekend and that was at last enough to lure her up our way.  We had fun family doings every night they were here to celebrate, and it was so darn fun to be together!

You can see more pictures of all these fun events by clicking here.  And now I think I shall go back to my dejunking spree! 

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