Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ah, Valentine's Day -- how fun to have a day to celebrate all the people you love!  And also eat chocolate with no remorse...

Dan and I got up (not even early -- yay 11 o'clock church!) and made a most delicious waffle breakfast for the kiddos, who were delighted to come to the table and find valentines and chocolate boxes just for them.  Dan surprised me, not only with roses, but with a Pandora One membership.  (Pandora is a music website where you can create your own custom radio stations and listen for free, but only for 40 hours a month.  Since I listen pretty much all the time when I'm working, crafting, or just checking Facebook, I'd usually run out a few days shy of the end of the month.)  It was such a thoughtful gift -- something I hadn't thought to get for myself, but that I will appreciate every day.  Who could ask for more than that!  I just love being married to Dan; we just have so darn much fun together!

I just love having these three wonderful kids as my valentines!  They fill my life with love and laughter.  Thanks, kiddos!

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Janelle said...

Awwww, how CUTE!!! We were too far beyond broke to do anything like that, LOL, but the girls had fun cutting out a gazillion hearts to spread all over the house. Then we had a family party with my family to celebrate mostly Chinese New Year, which was also yesterday, but also tipped its hat at Valentine's Day. My hubby got me the Pandora thingy quite a while ago. I love it. It was particularly nice around christmas -- I made a station of the classic Christmas music. :)