Saturday, January 23, 2010

My photo-hunt

Today I went on a photo-hunt. A photo-hunt is when you hunt for photos that are on moms list. I was fast. I took the pictures on MY NEW CAMERA!!!

Item #1:
Somthing green

Item #2:

Somthing that flies

Item #3:

Somthing with bottons

Item #4:

Somthing thats round

Item #5:
Somthing purple

Pencil sharpener

Item #6:
The best smile

Item #7:
Somthing with numbers

Paper with writing; I made it for Josh to learn

Item #8:
Your favorite book

Roald Dahl: The enormous crocadile

Item #9:

Somthing wild and active

Item #10:

What means happiness

Jesus picture


Sammy said...

This is great!!!

Breezy said...

SO fun! I think I will try this with Aiden this week :) Thanks!