Friday, January 29, 2010

Joshy's wedding plans...

When Josh and I were driving home from bowling today, he told me he had a dream that he was getting married (to Maggie Morris, of course).  Here's a little snippet:

Josh:  And YOU were there, too, Mom!
Mommy: Oh, I would hope so!  I definitely want to come to your wedding.
Josh:  Or else you'd miss out on all the fun!... When you get married, the husband carries the wife home.  I saw that on Up.  But when I get married, I'll just drive in the car.  Actually, my wife will drive the car.  I will just tell her jokes to make her laugh.

Sounds like a good plan to me, buddy!


Janelle said...

ROFL!!!! LOVE it!!!!

Rick & Liz said...

we don't doubt that for one second joshy not for one second! LOL!
Rick says are you sure you can't bring the kids when you come out for the sealing and the blessings. LOL. They never fail to give him a good laugh especially that Joshy! :)