Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was a total blast this year! We had so much fun planning and making our costumes, going to all the different Halloween activities, and (of course!) trick-or-treating!

Sammy and Josh and I chose a space theme for our costumes -- very fitting, since the boys are 100% obsessed with all things space right now. It started when Josh decided that he wanted to be an astronaut, then Sammy decided to be an alien to go along with him. I decided to be the solar system, complete with the sun, all the planets (yes, including Pluto), and the asteroid belt.

I loved how their costumes came out, and we had so much fun making them! Sammy's shirt says "Take me to your leader" and has a little alien and space ship on it. We made the antennae with a headband, pipe cleaners, and pom-poms, and then sprayed his hair green. I made the pants with a cool space print I found. Sammy loved getting to do the Halloween parade and have a fun party at school.

For Joshy's costume I took my cues from a way more expensive astronaut costume I found online. I found the NASA patches online and printed them onto iron-on transfers, then glued some other bits on for fun details. My favorite part is his cool astronaut backpack, which started out life as a Grape Nuts box. I had originally intended to just duct tape it to his back, but it was too heavy and wouldn't stay up. Eventually I ended up cutting slits in the back, then stuffing his regular backpack in and pulling the straps out the slits so he could wear it like a normal backpack, and that worked great! We tried several different things for helmets, but nothing really worked until we found this awesome helmet at DI. Joshy was immediately in love with it. It's so enormous he looks more like an astronaut bobble-head and so heavy he couldn't wear it for more than a few minutes at a time, but he just thought it was SO cool. He felt so grown up going to his preschool Halloween party, too.

I also made them the trick-or-treat bags with their initial on the front. Sammy helped me, and they turned out so cute!

Our cute little Eliza was a Seahawks cheerleader! Grandma Hill sent this adorable costume for Christmas last year, and I made her the cute little pom-pom wristlets out of felt strip. Daddy was a Seahawks player, and they had lots of fun doing "TOUCHDOWN!" together, with Daddy yelling it and both of them raising their arms in the air.

Here are all our little cuties together!

We went trick-or-treating with Taya and Uncle Dan and Aunt Carrie, and the highlight
Nana and Nick and Andy really outdid themselves with the barn this year, including having Bapa's bear skin peering down from the second floor. Awesome!

After trick-or-treating we had a fun party at Dan and Carrie's house, and just had a graet time hanging out with our wonderful family. It doesn't get any better than that!

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Breezy said...

You are a doll!!!!! What fun costumes ")