Sunday, September 13, 2009

Joshy starts preschool!

This post is about 10 days late in coming, but...

Joshy finally got to start preschool! For the last two years he has been sad every time Sammy went to preschool and he had to stay home, so he has very much been looking forward to starting preschool. A lady in our ward is doing preschool in her house, so Josh is going there (along with several of his little ward friends, which is very nice). He was so excited to get his very own backpack and fill his pencil box with brand new school supplies. But if you know Josh you'll know that he can be a contrary little bugger, so it won't surprise you to know that when the big day finally came he was more than a little reticent to get out the door. As you can see in the picture above, I had to bribe him with string cheese. (Note: if you ever want Joshy to do anything, bribe him with string cheese.)

Once we got to preschool, however, he just jumped right in and started playing. A few of the other kids were crying and clinging to their mommies, but Josh didn't give me a backward glance... Of course, when I came and picked him up a couple hours later and asked if he had fun, his answer was a resounding "NO!" (He never wants to admit he had fun anywhere.) But only a little prodding was necessary before he was telling me all about the toys he had played with, and how he got to paint with his FINGERS, and he painted a roller coaster that went all around, and how they got teddy grahams and applesauce for snacks, and on and on. I could tell he felt very grown up that he could tell me all about his school day, just like Sammy does. His teacher told me that he is very happy and funny during preschool, and that he has a very good memory. Every day when I come to pick him up he tells me had didn't have any fun at all, but then he gets so excited telling me all the fun things they did. Funny Joshy -- he just has to do things his own way and doesn't want anyone dictating his feelings to him. It's so fun to watch him in this new stage of his life -- having some independent from mom time, making friends, feeling so grown up.

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