Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sammy's 1st day of making a newspaper!

I made a news paper! It's about shopping. It's name is "The shopping news". It's right here.


All stores have lots and lots of stuff, That’s on sale. Some things are $1.23(Low prices). There are stores everywhere there is people, wichmeans there are a lot of stores. People need stores, Because they need stuff and food and cookbooks. If we didn’t have stores we would DIE, Wich we don’t want to do. We can buy lots of stuff! We can buy stuff till there is no-more stuff!

How to email

1. Write: Dear, who it’s for
2. Write: I love you
3. Ask questions
4. Write: Love who it’s from
5. Send it
6. Write more emails

Code game

1 = I 2 = l 3 = o 4 = v 5 = e 6 = y 7 = o 8 = u 9 = .

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