Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Doings and "You're My Favorite" Day

This Easter was so wonderful. I don't think I've ever felt a greater appreciation for our Savior and the promise of the Resurrection than I did this year. Add that to three days of wonderful family time, and I am one happy camper. Not to mention the joy of adorable Easter outfits for the kiddos! :)

On Saturday we got up early and the kids found the Easter baskets the Easter Bunny had filled the night before, then we headed over to Mom and Dad's house early to try to take pictures of the grandkids in their super cute Easter outfits. (Thank you, Children's Place -- I am such a sucker for coordination.) The weather was not cooperating and neither were the kids, though they sure were good sports. Dan (my brother) took the pictures while Dan (my husband) pulled out all the stops trying to get the kids to look in the same direction and all smile at the same time. Such cute kiddos we have in this family. The only grandkid missing was Amelia -- Eric and Leanne, we're still waiting for picturs!

Afterwards we had our annual extended family Easter egg hunt inside Mom and Dad's house due to the constant drizzle, but it was just as fun as ever. This year we were joined by my aunt Caroldean's family and some of our Bhutanese friends, who had no problem grasping the concept of the candy free-for-all. It always amazes me how fast kids can scour a large area carpeted in candy and eggs, leaving no morsel behind. Mom was the hero of the day -- after the egg hunt she saddled up her new horse Misty and took all the kids on rides around the arena. By the end of the night the boys were on a sugar meltdown the likes of which we had never seen before -- thank goodness they don't get much sugar in regular life!

After a lovely Easter Sunday at church we headed back over to the folks' house for Easter dinner. I was in charge of dessert and made lemonade pie for all the low-carbers and brownie-toffee-cheesecake trifle, which was not low anything. YUM! We had such a great time hanging out with the family, laughing and telling stories. I've uploaded all the Easter photos into an album here.

Yesterday was the one-year anniverary of Carissa's passing, and Amy declared it "You're My Favorite" Day. Carissa always told everyone "You're my favorite!" and she meant it every time! The kids and I spent the day with my mom, helping with some fun projects, then we all gathered at Carissa's grave to share some happy memories and then went bowling (Carissa's favorite activity). I was so happy that we could spend that time together being happy in each other's company, and we sure missed Eric, Leanne, Amelia, Andy, and Lydia. You can see all the pictures from the evening here. I thought it was very fitting that yesterday was sunny and warm even though the weather has been so cold and drizzly lately and today it's raining steadily. That was Carissa -- a burst of sunshine wherever she went! I hope I can in some way fill that spot in the world.

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