Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tomi Ann turns the big 3-0!

As of this past Thursday, I am in very fact 30 years old. Hard to believe! I feel like I'm embarking on a whole new period in my life. The 20s were big for me, you know? During my twenties I:

- went on study abroad in England
- discovered new talents (graphic design and paper crafting)
- got my heart broken (or so I thought at the time)
- went on a mission
- fell in love for really real
- got married to the most amazing man
- had a baby
- graduated from BYU
- became a homeowner
- had another baby
- bought a mini-van
- had another baby

Obviously some of those events are bigger than others, but all those things had a major impact on my life. There were also some sad events, like losing my Grandpa Neves, Grandpa Pearce, Grandma Pearce, and hardest of all, my sister Carissa. The blessings, however, far outweigh the trials, and I really, truly love my life! I know I still have a long way to go to become the person I want to be -- a true disciple of my Savior Jesus Christ -- but I'm working on it.

What will the next 10 years bring? There's no way to even know what tomorrow will bring, but I know that I welcome the future with open arms.

I celebrated my birthday with a wonderful party with my brothers and sisters, parents, and a few aunts and uncles and friends, all arranged and put together by my sweet hubby Dan. That meant a lot to me, and it was so fun! I was especially touched that my siblings all went in together on a huge digital picture frame. I can't wait to get it going! Thanks, guys! Oh, and my mom also took Leanne and I to a most delicious lunch at Olive Garden for our birthdays. We also had a birthday dinner for me at Sunday dinner at my parents' house, at which we ate waffles and eggs and bacon. YUM. My mom sculpted an impressive cake for me from heart waffles and managed to get 30 candles going, and I managed to pull every square centimeter of air from my lungs and blow out all the candles in one shot. You know what that means -- my wish is totally coming true! I wished for... oh, come on -- you thought I'd tell?!

Here are some fun pictures from this week!


Rick & Liz said...

And me the biggest dork of all who kept being reminded on face book that it was your birthday never got around to wishing you the most wonderful birthday ever! So happy late birthday...I'm following right behind you in a few months. You'll have to tell me how 30 is. To be honest...well...I've shed a few tears about it ;)

MIchelle said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed your twenties. MAke sure you enjoy your thirties just as much. Possibly more, 'cause daughters are a blast!!! Happy birthday!

GRaSSE said...

You've got much to be proud about Tomi!! I hope to look as lovely as you at 30. You totally rock!! :)