Monday, December 8, 2008

All About Josh.

This past Thursday was Joshy’s birthday – he’s 3! He was not so excited about turning three. I think perhaps we had overdone it with the “Big boys don’t suck their thumbs… 3-year-olds go pee-pee in the potty…” talk, because by the time his birthday actually rolled around he had a meltdown if we even mentioned it.When he woke up in the morning he came to find me in my room and I said, “Happy birthday, Joshy!!!,” he ran right back into his room and slammed the door, then stood in front of it so we couldn’t open it. Poor little guy! Going to the library and then having a little lunch party at Dan’s work did cheer him up a little, but he still ran and hid any time someone called to sing him Happy Birthday. By Sunday, however, when we had cake and ice cream at Nana’s house, he was pretty cool with the whole birthday thing. He got to pick the cake flavor and then help decorate it, and he got a cool helicopter toy from Nana and Bapa. He informed me that it was the “best birthday ever,” so I guess he won’t be too psychologically scarred.

Joshy has an amazing imagination and is always making up silly scenarios. One day he picked up a little round disk off the floor (part of the mini-blind cord keeper thingy) and announced, in pretty much these exact words: "This is my bad guy button. If a bad guy tries to get in here, I will push it and the jail will come to HIM!" I told Dan about it later that evening and Joshy heard me and said, ever so dejectedly, "But it didn't work..." He's very interested in bad guys and good guys. All day on Thanksgiving he kept asking my uncle Scott, "Do you think I'm a good guy?"

Joshy is very social. He loves his friends and is always hoping someone is coming over to play. My cousin Jacob, who just turned 9, is his absolute favorite. Every time he sees him he runs up and asks "Do you remember you're my best friend?!" And Jacob, to his credit, always answers yes very seriously. He is such a good buddy for Josh. Dan's brother Chad is another favorite -- I think Joshy regards him as his personal property. Whenever Chad is around, Joshy is climbing all over him, hanging around his neck, and demanding horsey rides. Nursery is a high point every week for him because he gets to play with Kayleah and Gabby, his favorite two neighborhood friends. And of course, he loves Sammy and Eliza. He is Sammy's sidekick in all sorts of games and activities, and he's becoming such a tender big brother for Eliza. He loves to give her kisses and sometimes get a little over enthusiastic with the loves, but it's a lot better than the eye-poking he preferred when she first arrived. During our trip to Washington and then Thanksgiving, when so many family members where meeting Eliza for the first time, he made sure to tell everyone "She's OURS." And after Aunt Jana and Uncle Grant threatened to take her home with them, he was sure to add "and you can't take her."

Since his birthday we’ve been working on potty training. That’s slow going, but I think we’ll get there. He's totally capable of holding it and knows how to go potty, but he was freaked out by actually doing it. So I tapped into his all-boy personality and threw some cheerios into the potty to act as targets. Presto! He loves going potty now and does really well as long as we're at home. Baby steps!

We are so proud of Josh -- he is sweet, fun, and loving, and also full of energy and mischief! He makes everyone laugh, and I can't imagine our family without him!

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