Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween & Eliza finds her laugh

Boy, I didn't realize I forgot to post Halloween pictures! Darn it. We had a super fun Halloween. Sammy LOVED his Sheriff Woody costume, and I was very proud that I made the vest and bandanna myself. Neither were very complicated projects, I'll admit, but they were a challenge for me! Joshy was happy about the monkey costume he started out with, but when Grandma Hill sent him tiger jammies complete with cool tiger headgear, the monkey was immediately forgotten. Joshy was such a cute little tiger! They really enjoyed trick-or-treating with Chan and Thomas and then visiting Nana's "Haunted Barn." Sammy rated it "just spooky enough, but not TOO spooky." I think the enormous candy bars Uncle Dan was dishing out may have helped with that rating... The boys were also really excited because they got to go hang out at Aunt Glynis' house with their favorite cousins after trick-or-treating so that Dan and I could go to Dan P's Halloween party. Joshy just adores Jacob -- every time he sees him he runs up and says, "Do you wemembo yo' my best fwend?!" Super cute. Eliza was adorable in her little jackolantern onesie from Grandma Hill and the booties I made her. Here are the boys, all set to trick or treat! And here is our little cutie-pants Eliza. You can see more Halloween pics by clicking here! The bigs news for the past couple of days is that Eliza has started laughing! Oh, it is just the sweetest sound ever. I finally caught a brief moment of it on camera last night when Amy really got her going (I missed most of it because I was changing Joshy's bum -- I knew he needed to be potty trained!). Enjoy!


Tonya said...

That laugh is so precious! Jayna is doing the same lately and it just makes me swell with emotions for her! Enjoy your little ones...they are all too cute!!

toby said...

That video is PRICELESS!!! How cute!!!!