Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy National Play Dough Day!

Tomi Ann and Sammy here, reporting live from National Play Dough Day! I heard earlier in the week that today was National Play Dough Day, and since we're big fans of play dough around here, we thought we'd celebrate! We invited a bunch of the boys' friends over for a play dough party. The night before we made 6 different colors of playdough, and this morning everyone had a great time squooshing all this gooey dough!

Here's Sammy's report:
We made red, yellow, ornge, purple, blue, and green play-dough!
I had fun!
I made a land.
It was FUN to have friend's over.
I cleand up, so that my friend's can come over.
I was SUCH a good helper.

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