Saturday, August 2, 2008

Family picnic at Vivian Park

Fun stuff today -- Scott and Julie, Alan and Glynis and kids, Victor and Caroldean and kids, Mom, Ange, Noah, and me and the boys all went up Provo Canyon for a picnic at Vivian Park. Most everyone else floated the Provo River down to the park before lunch, but I didn't think that was a good idea for me at 8 months, so the boys and I met up with everyone at lunchtime. :) The boys had such a blast playing with all the Neves kids -- they are so lucky to have so many big cousins (actually my cousins) that just adore them and take such good care of them. I had lots of fun hanging out with the grown-ups -- we have such a cool family! We missed all the people who couldn't come, though. One of the biggest downsides to owning a retail business is definitely that no one is available for fun things on Saturdays!

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